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paw: paw clawed foot of an animal especially a quadruped.
pet: pet is a domesticated animal kept for companionship, a special loved one.

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"I care not for a man's religion whose dog and cat are not the better for it." ~ Abraham Lincoln "An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language." ~ Martin Buber "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." ~ Anatole France "In the beginning, God created man, but seeing him so feeble, He gave him the cat" ~ Warren Eckstein

Sphynx Cat

The Sphynx cat appears to be a hairless breed of cat, although it is not truly hairless. Sphynx cat first appeared in Canada in mid-1966, also known as the Canadian hairless cat. Its skin is often wrinkled and feels like soft, warm suede. Adults should retain as many wrinkles as possible, especially on the head, these wrinkles provide much needed insulation. The lack of a thick insulating coat makes the Sphynx very warm to the touch. It is not actually hairless; Its covered with very fine down which is almost difficult to both the eye and the touch. Although it has very little fur, the Sphynx's skin still shows color and pattern. Their skin is the color their fur would be, and all the usual cat marking patterns. And because the sphynx cats appears to have no hair to keep them warm they prefer to cuddle up against other animals and people, they even tend to cuddle up and sleep with their owners under the covers.

Although these cats do not have hair that needs to be combed, they do secrete an oil from their skin and require frequent bathing. Sphynx cat's exposure to outdoor sunlight at length can develop a sunburn, similar to that of human exposure. In general, Sphynx cats should never be allowed outdoors unattended, as they have limited means to conserve body heat in colder temperatures, and their curious nature can take them into dangerous places or situations. The Sphynx is not a delicate cat, extremely patient, tolerant, and intelligent, and above all amenable to handling.

The Sphynx is a medium-sized, muscular cat that appears having eaten a large meal but not fat. The chest is broad, and may tend toward being barrel-chested. The head is slightly longer than it is wide with prominent cheekbones and a distinct whisker break. The neck is powerful, especially in males. Its long, whippy tail tapers from the base to the tip. Its ears are very large and wide at the base; its eyes are are a large, rounded lemon in shape slanting to the outer corner of the ear. The legs are firm and muscular to the feel. Female's legs may be more slender than those of the males. Their hind legs are slightly longer than the front. And their paws are oval, with long, slender toes and the paw pads are thicker than in other breeds, giving the appearance of walking on air cushions.


pugThe Pug is one of the cutest and most commonly seen dog breed. One feature of this breed that you can instantly notice is the head which is covered in wrinkles like a small version of a Shar Pei or Bulldog. Pugs have an extremely short muzzle which looks scrunched up and ends with a small black nose. You will often see full expression from their cute faces and large, round eyes combined with small folded ears that give them an adorable and unique face. Despite their small size, the Pug has a broad neck with a dewlap that leads to a wide, square body. Pugs have short skinny legs and a curled tail that lies on its back. Short fur covers their entire small body. The most common fur colors are fawn and black, but they can also be silver or apricot. They have the appearance of a big dog, but a small dog at heart, the Pug is also an easy to please member of the family.

Pugs were probably developed in Asia around the fifth century BC but other theories assumed that Pugs ended up in England after British forces found the dogs in China during an attack. Not only that Pugs become very popular among artists it was also chosen to be a companion in monasteries as well as fashion accessories during the Victorian Era. In 16th century, Pugs finally arrived in Europe and they quickly became adopted as a favorite pet of the wealthy. By 1885 the AKC recognize Pug breeds which has a life expectancy of 12 to15 years.

Pugs are always sweet and cheerful and these little dogs thrive on attention. Pugs are also great for playing with children due to its gentle nature but strangers and dogs will receive the same playful and loving attention a family member would. Pugs are also intelligence which makes them highly trainable but also independent and stubborn. Sensitivity to punishment makes it important to not yell at Pugs or to use a harsh voice when correcting the breed. Colds, eye weeping, allergies and skin problems are some of the most common health problem of this breed. Due to their size, many Pugs find it hard to give birth naturally and need Cesarean Sections. Another important thing for owners to remember is that Pugs will easily over eat and become obese.

Grooming a pug is simple and not time consuming. Regular baths and brushing sessions are needed and you need to clean everyday the wrinkles on their face. Pugs are active and enjoy playing games and walking but they do get tired quickly. Since pugs can become obese easily you need to make sure they exercise to keep them fit and healthy. Pugs can’t withstand harsh climates so special care should be taken to prevent this breed from getting too cold or hot.

Siberian Husky

siberian huskySiberian husky originated from Russia and has a history that dates back thousands of years. Siberian husky was bred to herd reindeer and pull sleds for tribes. This breed was introduced in Alaska in the 1900s and was registered with the AKC in 1930.

The Siberian Husky is a handsome looking dog and has a sturdy and very athletic build. This hardy and robust dog has an eager expression and has small and erect ears that give him an alert appearance. He has a double coat, which is made up of a soft, dense undercoat and a straight, smooth outer coat. The Siberian Husky are available in different colors such as silver, black, red, or gray, with white markings, and some can also be solid white. While the eyes of the Siberian Husky can be blue, brown, parti-color, or mixed. It is a medium sized dog which weighs in at around 35-50 pounds for females and 45-60 pounds for males and stands at 20-21 inches for females, and 21-24 inches for males.

The Siberian Husky also needs a moderate amount of grooming. You need to brush his coat on a twice weekly basis and during heavier periods of shedding brushing should be increased to daily. Since the Siberian Husky is a heavy shedder this dog is not the ideal choice for those suffering from allergies.

Siberian husky is gentle and sweet natured dog and can also be a great family dog due to its dependable nature, loving, affectionate, enjoying attention and interaction from his family. If you cannot dedicate time and attention to this dog it will lead to boredom and destructive behavior such as chewing. The Siberian husky is very energetic and does need plenty of exercise, so he will not be the right choice for those with little time to engage in exercise and activity. This dog is fast, agile, and playful which make it an excellent hiking or jogging companions. A good amount of exercise is necessary for this breed, and you will need to provide a safe and secure exercise and play area for times that he is not on the leash - as these dogs are adept as escaping and loves to dig wholes in your yard.

The Siberian Husky is also a hardworking dog and is able to haul heavy loads over long distances. He may bark and howl from time to time but this breed is generally pretty quite. He will bark to raise an alarm however, and this makes him a very effective watchdog. They tend to be sociable and friendly around strangers but when it comes to animals, the Siberian husky will usually get along okay with other dogs but is not to be trusted around cats and smaller animals due to its high prey instinct. The Siberian husky is best suited to those with some experience of dog ownership who can establish themselves as pack leader.

Japanese Spitz

Any dog lover would want to have a Japanese Spitz because of its mild and clean nature. It is completely white in color. It has been known to have been bred from the German Spitz in Japan.

In terms of appearance, size and characteristic, it is very similar to the Eskimo dog and the Samoyed breed of dogs. It usually weighs at about 6 to 10 kilograms and it is known for its double layer of coat. It has long and straight hair that is very dominant as the outer layer. This is for insulation and for adjusting to different temperatures. While the inner layer coat is short and dense. Its tail is full of white hair that curls over its back and the dryness of the fur makes it look neat and odor-free.

The Japanese Spitz’ ear is pointed and its huge, round pair of eye is very cute to look at. Its nose and lips are black in color. Many people have resorted to having it as a pet because it is very gentle and nice to be with. It loves attention and human contact. Most of all, it is very delighted when it is treated like a member of the family. Aside from that, it is very loyal, obedient and smart. It is preferred by many kids because it is very patient and protective of their owners. They are very affectionate and fun-loving.

Furthermore, they are very alert in a sense that they will tell you if an intruder is present. Another thing about the Japanese Spitz is that it loves the outdoors. They love sunshine and being exposed to many people. This is why most owners of this kind of dog breed take them often for a jog or a walk outside the park or community.

If you treat them kindly, they will give you their utmost loyalty and obedience. Make them feel loved and cared for so that they would not have behavioral problems in the future.

Tonkinese Cat

Tonkinese Cat, the only breed to originate from Canada. The Tonkinese was developed in the early 1960's by crossing a Seal-point Siamese and a Sable Burmese. A Siamese breeder, decided she wanted to develop a more moderate, balanced breed of cat. She crossed Siamese with Burmese and called them “Tonkinese.” When you look at a Tonkinese, you should see neither a Siamese nor a Burmese, but a unique moderate breed with its own look.

Tonkinese cats are commonly trim and muscular cats. They are typically heavier than they appear to be, due to their very muscular bodies. They have a distinctive oval-shaped paw, and a modified wedge-shaped head, with large ears set towards the outside of their head. The Tonkinese coat is exceptionally soft and dense with a wonderful sheen, and can take up to 16 months to reach it's true color. The coat comes in shades of Natural Mink, Blue Mink, Honey Mink, Champagne Mink and Platinum Mink. From it's blue-green, almond-shaped eyes to it's soft, beautiful coat, the Tonkinese combines the best qualities of two very popular oriental breeds.

A Tonk is two types of cat in one body. One mode is active, but not hyper, with a muscular body. They play fetch, climb cat trees and fly through the house at warp speed. The second mode is cuddly and loving, although they can be mischievous if they become lonesome or bored. They are not an aloof, independent cat; they are best for someone who wants a lap cat. They are dog-like in that they require and demand attention. They love riding on shoulders, so do not be alarmed if your Tonkinese jumps on your shoulders, as the breed is known for its love of heights. Kisses are also common, and no, they are not trained to kiss the judges – they figured this out on their own. Unlike most breeds of cat, they are reported to sometimes, or even often, engage in fetching, and they can often be found perched on the highest object in the house.

Flea treatment for your dog

Every pet owner knows that fleas are one of their biggest problems. Fleas can survive off of the blood of your dog and it is often difficult to spot them on your dog due to their fur. Fleas can also cause your dog to become anemic due to losing so much blood and they can transmit some pretty tough diseases into your dog. If your dog is sensitive to flea bites, it may end up having a mild skin irritation or in severe cases it may develop a severe allergic reaction resulting in baldness, intense itch and inflammation throughout its body. There are a lot of dog owner that are very confused right now as to what flea treatment to choose from the wide varieties of flea control products available in the market today. Flea treatment products ranges from flea comb, flea sprays, natural products, topical spot-on solutions, oral growth regulator or "birth control" pills for the fleas and more.

Your pet can pick up fleas everywhere especially when they are outdoors. Even if you don’t want it, your pets will be more than likely going to play host to fleas at some point in their lives. You can’t be sure that your dogs will not get any fleas. There is very little you can do to prevent this from happening since they can be found lurking anywhere just waiting for a suitable host to pass by but there are some things you can do to help prevent fleas from infesting and breeding in your home.

You can use a special flea comb to comb your pet each day, particularly after they have been outside during hot weather in order to help dislodge fleas and eggs from your pet's coat. If you just put a bit of oil onto the comb spines. This is very effective because those little parasites will get stuck to the comb. Keep a bowl of hot water close by when you do this so that you can instantly place any fleas directly into the water. You should also remember to pay attention to some hot spot areas like behind their ears, spots in between their toes, the fur in their armpits, and the spots under their neck. You can easily spot fleas when you place a white cloth or towel underneath your dog during combing. Fleas are notoriously hard to catch so don't expect to eradicate all your pets fleas in one combing.

Pure alcohol can help you in stunning the fleas as you brush out so you can effortlessly dump them into a cup of water to die. Empty the mug down the toilet to make sure that any fleas do not make it out. Giving bath to your pet regularly can minimize the flea problem of your dog but not when you are dealing with a major flea’s infestation. Some dig owners use special shampoos in the market that is made to killing fleas but these products are usually too toxic to use every day. Some alternative products available commercially are rosewood, cedar, or eucalyptus is better choice but you can't always rely on these to take care of minor flea problems. Another alternative in dealing with minor flea problem is cutting up lemons and squeezing the juice into a quart of water is, after it settles in a few hours you can put it into a clean spray bottle. A little spray across the body is usually enough to solve minor flea problem of your dog, just remember to avoid getting any spray into the eyes of your dog.

Consult a veterinarian when your dog’s flea problem has reached to flea infestation level. Veterinarian can analyze your pet’s condition and can properly prescribe medication for the infestation. There are many medicines available in the market that are safe for your pet like a diatomaceous earth or a Boron substance that you can use in your home. This is one of the cheapest ways to handle flea problems. Strong medication such as Advantage and Frontline can wipe out all of the adult fleas on your pet in hours while preventing outbreaks for up to 3 months. You just need a few drops onto your pet's shoulder and the special chemical will spread and cure on its own. Advantage and Frontline has little toxicity to your pet which makes it safe for your pet. Do not forget to be careful in handling such substances. These chemicals can harm you and your pet if used improperly. Ask your vet before you do anything or if you don’t understand anything about the product. Every flea control products on the market are not the same. Each have their own varying levels of effectiveness and kill different flea stages i.e. the eggs, larvae, and adults. One may be effective against the adult fleas but is simply harmless to the eggs or larvae.

If your pet has a bad flea infestation then you may need a combination of these products to effectively get rid of the fleas. Try to research on other alternative products or methods in controlling and eliminating fleas. There are many flea control techniques you might not have been aware of before so research! Your choice of a flea treatment medicine or method for your dog is very important because it determines the success or failure in your battle against these pesky fleas.

Dog Breed Information

Every pet owner would want to give the best for their dearly loved pooches. Most dog owners buy them dog beds, toys, controlling products and many more. Cats also need proper care and attention. Some people even buy their dog nice accessories, clothing, agility equipment and so much more.

Many people are fond of dogs because they make good companions and they are very loyal to their owners. Some even train them for competitions and to do certain tricks for entertainment. If you are interested in having one, then you should first know about the different dog breeds and how they differ from each other.

It is said that there are more than three hundred breeds of dogs that can be found worldwide but only 150 are recognized by the AKC or the American Kennel Club in the US. These dogs are classified depending on their characteristics and based on their purpose.

The general classifications of dogs are working, sporting, herding, hound, terrier, toy, and non-sporting. The hounds are known for their ability to assist in hunting. They have astounding stamina and great sense of smell.

The greyhound is one of the most popular hound dogs that are used for speed hunting. This is because they have a very keen sight and fast movement. Back then, it was used for hunting deer, fox, hares and many more. Now, it is also used as a racing dog in England.

Hounds are characterized by a slender and strong stature. It has a long head with small but pointed ears. And its fur is smooth but short that is either a combination of white, black or gray.

If you are interested in buying one, make sure that you pick the right breed of dog. Most women prefer the toy dogs like the Chihuahua and the poodle. But these dogs need a lot of maintenance and care.

Turkish Angora Cat

The Turkish Angora Cats are a natural breed that originated from Turkey and flourished there for centuries. They are highly regarded in Turkey as part of their national heritage. A few of these lovely cats were taken to Europe in the 16th century by travelers to Turkey. Some were given as gifts to the French royal family. Turkish government created a breeding program in several of their zoos to protect and propagate their breed. Today in Turkey the white Turkish Angora is highly prized.

They are long, slender having a muscular body with long legs and tail. They have large, almond shaped eyes with color ranging from green, gold, green-gold, copper, blue, or odd-eyed. Ears are pointed and large, eyes are almond shaped and the head is massive with a two plane profile. Pure white is the main color of Turkish Angora, they come in other colors too. They have a kinked or abnormal tail. There seems to be a connection between Ankara Cats and Persians, and the Turkish Angora is also a distant cousin of the Turkish Van Cat. Like almost all other breeds, of cat, Turkish Angora females tend to be smaller than males.

The Turkish Angora, as known today, is one of the most outgoing, affectionate, intelligent breeds known. This cat tends to attach itself strongly to one person, but is also very loving and playful which makes them an excellent choice for families with young children, and lively companions for senior adults. The males are the better pets, being even more intensely loving than the females. Turkish Angoras love to jump and play. They often learn to fetch and do tricks. However, what they enjoy best is sitting on the lap of their owner to love and cuddle. Turkish Angoras are graceful, energetic and usually the first to welcome visitors into your home.


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