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paw: paw clawed foot of an animal especially a quadruped.
pet: pet is a domesticated animal kept for companionship, a special loved one.

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"I care not for a man's religion whose dog and cat are not the better for it." ~ Abraham Lincoln "An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language." ~ Martin Buber "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." ~ Anatole France "In the beginning, God created man, but seeing him so feeble, He gave him the cat" ~ Warren Eckstein

Rachael Ray to Donate $775k for Animal Shelters

To mark the holiday season Rachael Ray, the chef and host of her own TV show has pledge to donate $775,000 to animal shelters, charities and rights groups across the country by the end of the year. The said money was the proceeds from her Nutrish and Just 6 pet food lines.

We normally find Rachael in the kitchen cooking her favorite delicious dishes for a studio audience. She doesn't only love cooking but she also love animals, Rachael owned a pit bull named Isaboo. She and her husband can sleep at night knowing that their small space is probably wrong for a lot of animals.

"If you want to look at the state of humans, you should look at the state of animals first," Ray told People magazine. "People are choosing whether or not they can feed an animal and their family. And every shelter coast-to-coast is stuffed."

While on tour with her new book Look + Cook, Ray is sponsoring a series of pop-up adoption events for her favorite shelters in an effort to raise awareness for the plight of homeless animals. Rachael started giving to charity in 2008 and planning to distribute the funds before the end of December.

Pit Bull Attack - Shot by Deputy

Spartanburg County Deputy shot a pit bull after attacking two people. Around 10:30 a.m. at Fuller Road a man's pit bull chased two women back to the car, the owner drag the dog back into the yard. But when the women got out of the car, the dog bit one of them on the arm. When the man try to restrain the dog, it bit him on the face and latched onto his arm.

To respond, Deputy Ryan Miller arrived at home and found the dog's owner bleeding and holding the animal down. The owner pinned the dog down, but the dog broke free and latched onto the man's arm. At that point the deputy shot the dog once through the chest, but the dog continued its hold. A second bullet killed the animal, which, even in death, was still clamping the man's arm.

Miller stated that he asked Spartanburg County animal control several times to come to the scene to assist during the incident, but animal control refused until ordered to go by a sergeant after the dog was dead. They will now review department policy on responding to dog bites. On the other hand, the animal was taken for testing for rabies.

Cat vs Alligators: Cat Wins!

A domestic cat has become an on-line hero after staring down two alligators seemingly to protect a young boy. Weighing in at around 250 kilograms, alligator with five claws on each foot and also have the strongest bite of any living animal was more than a match for a 5 kilograms cat. Horrified tourists were convinced the feline was going to end up as a gator snack, to the fact that the gator can swallow the cat whole when he decided to square up to the fearsome creature, but end up the other way round. It's like David and Goliath in the bible.

The cat was enjoying some pats from a young boy when the first alligator emerged from the water. Unbelievable, but the cat went up to the alligator to protect the kid. Alligator looks scared as the unafraid cat glares at the reptile, the humiliated alligator then slithers off into a pond to gather back up in the form of another gator. The cat again appears unafraid, striking the second alligator with his left paw on it's nose. At this point both gators hurry back to the pond while the cat stands triumphant on the bank.

A Hero Dog, Euthanized by Mistake

After the survival from explosion in Afghanistan, a war-dog hero killed by mistake. Target, a female shepherd mix was hailed as a hero after attacking a suicide bomber who entered the compound, apparently headed for the barracks with 50 soldiers inside. From then on, the dog had been treated like royalty of the US soldiers at their base.

Sergeant Terry Young – one of the soldiers whose lives she saved, took the two-year-old German Shepherd cross home in Arizona with him after he finished his tour of duty earlier this year. She was feted as a war hero and even appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Who would believe that after saving lives, a hero dog will be killed by mistake? Target had escaped from the Youngs' backyard and was found wandering the neighborhood. Staff from the animal shelter picked her up and kept her in over the weekend, oblivious to Facebook messages and radio announcements proclaiming her disappearance. When Young was about to claim his dog, he found out that unidentified employee at the Pinal County shelter failed to follow procedures of euthanising an animal, putting Target to death.

The owner can't believe that something like this would happen to such a good dog. Even his four-year-old [daughter] is really taking it hard. "She's saying we need to get the poison out of her so she can come home. She can't grasp the idea that she's gone." The Youngs intend to have Target cremated.

Pet Food - E. Coli Alert!

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) are warning the pet owners not to use the Beef Pet Food because of possible E. coli contamination. Food contaminated with E. coli can cause serious and potentially life-threatening illnesses. Advisory says you may become infected with the bacteria by handling the pet food, or by contact with pets that have eaten the food.

The affected product may not bear a label indicating packing date or a Best Before date. Consumers who suspect they may have purchased the affected product are advised to check with stores where the product was purchased. Any affected product should be thrown out.

The contamination of Beef Pet Food was identified during a food safety investigation of some beef trims being conducted by the CFIA. That investigation is on-going to identify affected food products and possible consumer warnings.

There have been no reported illnesses associated with this Beef Pet Food product.

Cat Survived from Oven

A cat has survived from putting inside the oven. After putting inside the oven, Tigger survived but suffered burns to his paws and some internal injuries. He has to take daily doses of medicine orally and put a salve or cream on the burned paws.

An 18-year-old Medina County man faces a charge of cruelty to a companion animal because of what he have done. The investigators says that the reason why the teenager done that was because he was upset with his mother's boyfriend who own's Tigger. But According to Tigger's owner, the teen told him Tigger attacked his mother's cat before and the boy done that to revenge for what Tigger done to their cat. And another reason is that he doesn't like the way he speak to his mom.

The cat is now recovering at a local animal hospital, where he was being treated to ease the pain.

Another Cat Attack!

We heard about a Postman being attacked by a cat, recently another cat attack happened in Wellington. A gray male stowaway cat which was found in a carriage after the commuter train arrived in Wellington following a 105-kilometre trip from Masterton, attacked the driver as he tried to catch it.

The Driver work for over four decades and that was the first time he has been attacked by a cat. He was scratched so severely and he required medical attention that a replacement driver called in which cause the train held up for 30 minutes.

After the cat had been caught, the train management took it to the animal shelter and was appealing to it’s owner to reclaim it.

Playful Cat cause service suspension

Postman from England was being scratched by a tortoiseshell coloured cat after puting the letter on the door. Andrew Goater, a 56 year old Postman scratched in the hands by the cat as he put letters through the letter box.

Lana, an 18th month Feline cat owned by a British family says to be a risk for a Royal Mail staff because of it’s being playful. After that incident, the family was suspended from having their mails delivered to their home and has to collect it in person instead.

Cats are a common companion animal and express great affection towards human companion but more tetanus than dog, so be careful and give them proper grooming.


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