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paw: paw clawed foot of an animal especially a quadruped.
pet: pet is a domesticated animal kept for companionship, a special loved one.

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"I care not for a man's religion whose dog and cat are not the better for it." ~ Abraham Lincoln "An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language." ~ Martin Buber "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." ~ Anatole France "In the beginning, God created man, but seeing him so feeble, He gave him the cat" ~ Warren Eckstein

33,000 years old Domestic Dog Skull

Dog is known to be one of the first animal to be domesticated, and its not surprise because of the recent discoveries of a 33,000 years old dog skull. This ancient dog skull found in Altai Mountains of Siberia is consider as one of the oldest known evidence of of early domestication between the human and dog.

A researcher at the University of Arizona's Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Laboratory and co-author of a study reporting the find. According to them the find is domesticated based on morphological characteristics. Wolves have long thin snouts and their teeth are not crowded, and domestication results in this shortening of the snout and widening of the jaws and crowding of the teeth.

They also said that the interesting part of this is that we typically think of domestication on those times are for cows, sheep and goats, things that produce food through meat or secondary agricultural products such as milk, cheese and wool and things like that. They are probably providing protection, companionship and perhaps helping on the hunt.

Two women arrested after more than 100 dogs found in back of U-Haul

Authorities in West Tennessee arrested two women when they discovered 128 live dogs, one dead dog and a live cat inside a U-Haul truck during a traffic stop on Interstate 40.

David Lytal, special agent in charge of the West Tennessee Drug Task Force, said an agent found the animals Tuesday after detecting a foul odor coming from the back of the truck on I-40 in Fayette County. Lytal says the agent found dog kennels stacked in the truck without food, water, or adequate air and had been in the truck since Saturday.

The women told authorities they were taking the animals from California to Virginia, but they did not say why. The driver, Bonnie Sherman, 55, and passenger Pamela King-McCracken, 59, were booked in Fayette County jail on aggravated animal cruelty charges. They were scheduled to have a court hearing Tuesday afternoon and had not yet secured lawyers, a jail official said.

Currently, the SPCA is providing temporary emergency shelter for the dogs.

Father dies while saving puppy

A heroic father of two, William Tuttle crawled across the frozen surface in Fountain, Colorado after fearing their family dog was drowning.

Tuttle was able to save the dog, but he could not escape the frigid water. The Fountain Fire Department said it took 90 minutes to find Tuttle's body. Rescue divers had to feel their way along the bottom of the pond during their search because the water below the ice was so murky. He was rushed to the Hospital but died a short time later.

His distraught daughter Megan, 19, said her only comfort is that her father’s last words were to tell her he loved her. ‘I told him I love him too,’ she told KRDO News 13. ‘It's so hard. He's not here anymore. He was such a great man.‘You would never see him without a smile on his face. He was always so happy. He would help anybody out if they needed it.’ While his son Taylor, 16, said he was proud of his father, adding: ‘He's my angel right now. He is. It wasn't stupid. He did what he had to do.’

Those who knew Tuttle said he was a kind man who cared deeply for his family. While saddened by his tragic death, many said they would have done the same thing for their own pets.

Carrie Underwood rescues injured pooch on Highway

Singer Carrie Underwood proves that she's truly a dog's bestfriend when she rescues an injured one.

On her way home from a visit with her parents, she saw two dogs on the median of an interstate highway between Oklahoma and Tennessee. Instead of reporting it to the authorities, she pulled over and checked the poor dogs. When one the injured dogs started wagging its tail, she carried the bloody dog and load it in her car. Unfortunately, the other dog died. Carrie took the pooch, which she named Stella to the emergency vet.

On New Year's day, she updated her fans with a progress report: Stella was getting house trained, recovering from her road rash and getting her teeth cleaned. She also tried to find a permanent home for her little friend.

A day later, Carrie shared that she'd had to say goodbye to her new pal. Neighbors from down the street had adopted Stella and said she could visit now and then.

Dog Survives a killer Avalanche

On Saturday, Bozeman resident Dave Gaillard, his wife Terry, and their Corgi Welsh dog named Ole were cross-country skiing along Hayden Creek four miles southeast of Cooke City when they inadvertently triggered the slide that buried both man and dog.

Kerry grabbed onto a tree branch and survived. Dave was buried in 12 feet of snow, and there was no sign of Ole. Later that night, Dave's body was located and brought down from the mountainside. Ole was nowhere to be found. Heartbroken and in a state of shock Kerry returned to Bozeman.

Then, four days later, Ole showed up exhausted and hungry back at the motel, four miles from where the slide occurred. It is unbelievable how a dog with diminutive legs dug out and marched four miles to the motel across rugged terrain blanketed with 60 inches of snow, but Ole made it and survived.

Ole was delivered to Gaillard's family Wednesday night, and doing really well now.

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