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paw: paw clawed foot of an animal especially a quadruped.
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"I care not for a man's religion whose dog and cat are not the better for it." ~ Abraham Lincoln "An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language." ~ Martin Buber "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." ~ Anatole France "In the beginning, God created man, but seeing him so feeble, He gave him the cat" ~ Warren Eckstein

2010 Most Popular Dogs

January 26, 2011, The American Kennel Club (AKC) announced it's nationwide registration statistics revealing that for the 20th consecutive year.

Once again the Labrador Retriever leads the rank at no.1 as the most popular dog in America, followed by German shepherd, Yorkshire at no. 3, no. 4 Beagle, no.5 Golden Retriever, Bulldog jumps up with it's highest ranking in a century at no.6, Boxer at no.7, no.8 Dachshung, no.9 Poodle and at no.10, none other than Shih Tzu.

This year's list included some shakeups in the top 10, the Beagle overtook the Golden Retriever for the 4th spot and the Bulldog, who has been steadily rising up in rank, took 6th place away from the Boxer, who dropped to 7th in 2010.

The AKC also added three dogs to it's list of registered breeds. They include an ancient Mexican breed, Xoloitzcuintli the calm, “noble,” pointy-eared dog – also called Xolo that comes in three sizes. The Norwegian Lundehund, which is handsome, athletic and playful. And the Entlebucher Mountain Dog made it's mark as a cattle herder in Switzerland, it was described as energetic, loyal and persistent.

The AKC compiles the list based on the number of dogs registered each year with the AKC said by director of public relation, Christina Duffney. Breeders of pedigree dogs provide their new owners with papers, and the owners file those papers with the America Kennel Club.

Cat Born in Tree

A Wisconsin man said the cat living in the maple tree outside his home has never left the tree in it's entire 7 months of life. It lived solo in the hollow of the tree, about 12 feet up.

The 7-month-old cat was born in a maple tree in Ron Venden's back yard, but when the mother cat moved her kittens from their perch, she left little Almond behind, Venden tells Wisconsin State Journal. Since then, the cat has remained in his treetop home.

Retired carpenter, Ron Venden, 66, has been caring for the cat which he named Almond. Venden climbs on a ladder to check on and feed Almond twice a day, spoiling her with fresh food like meatloaf, salami and fresh milk. He also created a protected straw bed with protective tarp in the tree to protect him from the icy Wisconsin elements, he even set up a dry food feeder for him.

Venden told local newspaper that he had never seen any paw prints in the snow around the tree, and it was confirmed by his relative saying that they had not seen the cat anywhere other than the tree. He tried bringing the cat down several times but Almond resisted and scratched him.

"I want to see how long it stays here," he said, happily petting his tree-bound friend."I kind of enjoy it. Though the neighbors think I'm goofy."

Ancient Dog Bone Found!

Archeological digs says that oldest dog exist 8,000 years or more but have not scientifically proven until one researcher discovered an ancient bone.

Recently, a University of Maine graduate student named Samuel Belknap III was researching about the diet and nutrition of ancient people who lived in what is now Texas. As he examine human waste, he came across a small bone. He says a carbon-dating test pegged the age of the bone at 9,400 years old. A DNA analysis confirmed it came from a dog. And because it was found deep inside a pie of human excrement and was the characteristic orange-brown color that bone turns when it has passed through the digestive tract. The fragment provides the earliest direct evidence that dogs besides from being used for company, security and hunting were also eaten by humans and may even have been bred as a food source.

From the size of the bone, Belknap figures the dog weighed about 25 to 30 pounds. He also found what he thinks was a bone from a dog foot, but the fragment was too small to be analyzed.

Belknap and other researchers from the University of Maine and the University of Oklahoma's molecular anthropology laboratories, where the DNA analysis was done have written a paper on their findings. The paper has been scientifically reviewed and accepted and to be publish later this year.

This is an important scientific discovery that can tell us not only a lot about the genetic history of dogs but of the interactions between humans and dogs in the past. Dogs have played an important role in human culture for thousands of years and in the present. Truly, dog is man's greatest companion.

Court summons cat for jury service

Sounds weird but yes, A pet cat has been summoned for jury service and has been told by courts that he must attend.

A cat named Sal Esposito has been called to do jury duty in the US despite it's owners telling the court that he was unable to speak and understand English. Massachusetts couple Anna and Guy Esposito considered their cat Sal as member of the family that's why they listed him on the last census form under pets.

Sal's owner Anna, wrote to Suffolk Superior Crown Court in Boston, US explaining that a mistake has been made and she's asking to have her pet disqualified from the service requirement on the grounds. She even included a letter from her vet explaining that Sal is not a human being but a domestic short-haired neutered feline, but a jury commissioner replied saying that the cat must attend on March 23.

When they ask him guilty or not guilty, what do you think Sal will say? He'll probably do a meow for answer.

However, jurors are not expecting a perfect command of the English language from the cat.

Tax or Death of you Pet?

In most towns, authorities may threaten you with massive fines, liens or even foreclosure if you don't pay your taxes. In the Swiss village of Reconvilier, they may just put your dog down.

Yes you read it right, it's like choosing between Tax or Death of your pet. In Switzerland, dog ownership is taxed.

According to the Associated Press, local official of Reconvilier Pierre-Alain Nemitz is threatening to execute dogs whose owners refuse to pay the village's annual $50 dog tax. Under a 1904 law, Nemitz says, the village government has the right to kill a dog if it's owner won't cope up the cash. Also according to Nemitz, “This isn't about a mass execution of dogs. It's meant to put pressure on people who don't cooperate.” It is part of the village's solution to collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid taxes.

Despite of the reasonable aim, it seems unfair to punish the dog for the owners transgressions. It isn't the way to solve budget problems.

Apparently, the 2, 245 of Reconilier think that the money they've earned and the 280 dogs they own belong to them not the government.

Because of that plan, Nemitz overwhelmed by threats and insults not only in his town but pet lovers also. I'm sure person who shares their life with a dog, and treat it like one of the family members would not want to live in that place.

Cat might got sick because of Stress

We all know that stress can lead to illness for us human beings. But it's not just people who gets sick from stress. Do you now that cat also experience stress? And it also make them ill.

In a three-year study, Ohio State University researchers found healthy cats showed signs of illness when stressed and sick cats became healthier when stress levels were reduced. Twelve of 32 cats in the 3-year study were healthy and 20 had FIC, a chronic pain syndrome that affects the cat's bladder. Lower urinary tract diseases occur in about 1.5 percent of house cats, the researchers said, and a lot of pet owners can't stand the messes that come with them. As a result, they say millions of sick cats are euthanised or turned over to shelters every year.

To cats, stress might be unwanted attention, a dirty litter box or strange noises. So owners and vets must look at a sick cat's environment before deciding on a euthanasia. They also have to be educated about managing and maintaining an enriched environment. Having a pet is like having a baby, there are responsibilities and obligations to consider. So if you're planning to have a pet make sure you're responsible enough for them.

Chaser: Smartest Dog in the World

We all know that Border Collie is the smartest dog among the other breeds. But, have you heard about Chaser?

A 6-year-old border collie named Chaser owned by a retired Wofford College professor John Pilley, broke the world's record for largest human vocabulary understood by a dog. According to Wofford College announcement, Chaser can comprehend the names of 1,022 objects. Chaser leaps ahead of the previous record holder, another border collie named Rico, who knew 200 human words.

Other dogs can sit, stay and sway but that's nothing compared with Chaser, aside from knowing more than thousand words, he can also sort his toys by function and shapes. Not only that, he happily retrieved the toys for her masters, and waited for more. No attitude problem here. Chaser's vocabulary rivals that of an average 3-year-old human.

Chaser essentially graduated from a three-year training program at Wofford College conducted by psychologists Alliston Reid and John Pilley. Alliston and John wanted to test if there was a limit to the amount of words a border collie could learn, so they taught Chaser the names of hundreds of toys, one by one, slowly and patiently, for three years. “In the first experiment where we talk about the learning of proper nouns, the procedure we use is one where she was taught in a way that she couldn't fail," Pilley said. "We would place the object right on the floor, somewhere the dog couldn't miss.” Then after a period of several months, Pilley and Reid would work with a different object, slowly training the dog on each one. Pilley stressed the training technique more than anything resulted in the incredible skills of the dog.

For now, Chaser is becoming known as the world's smartest dog and still has to work to get the Guinness Book of World Record from Puck, a budgerigar who had a 1,728-word vocabulary.

Man Kill Cats for Research

A Kentucky man is facing animal abuse charges after allegedly torturing and killing four cats. Louisville Police arrested Alex Phelps, 24, on Dec. 30, after a tip line call led investigators to the Bullitt County man. Police say Phelps confessed to stabbing and killing the animals using a sharp knife.

Police have found three cats tortured to death in southern Jefferson County over the past couple of months. Bullitt County police also discovered two mutilated cats behind a Kroger in early December. Investigators say all the dead cats found over the last month have similarities including the gruesome way they were tortured, the injuries to the cats are so gruesome. They were stabbed multiple times and their intestines were out.

Investigators still looking for possible reasons why did a man do this kind of animal killing but according to Phelps, he was conducting some type of research.

Phelps was also arrested back in 2007 for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Police say he could face charges in Bullitt County as well.

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