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Court summons cat for jury service

Sounds weird but yes, A pet cat has been summoned for jury service and has been told by courts that he must attend.

A cat named Sal Esposito has been called to do jury duty in the US despite it's owners telling the court that he was unable to speak and understand English. Massachusetts couple Anna and Guy Esposito considered their cat Sal as member of the family that's why they listed him on the last census form under pets.

Sal's owner Anna, wrote to Suffolk Superior Crown Court in Boston, US explaining that a mistake has been made and she's asking to have her pet disqualified from the service requirement on the grounds. She even included a letter from her vet explaining that Sal is not a human being but a domestic short-haired neutered feline, but a jury commissioner replied saying that the cat must attend on March 23.

When they ask him guilty or not guilty, what do you think Sal will say? He'll probably do a meow for answer.

However, jurors are not expecting a perfect command of the English language from the cat.


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