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How to Bathe a Dog Safely and Effectively

dog bathingBathing our dog is very important, it helps to make them clean and get rid of those bad smell. But there are things to consider before we bathe our dogs. Its important that we know if our dogs really need to take a bath and how often. A veterinary might suggest that it is a bad idea to bathe a pet too often cause it can remove the natural oils in their skin and fur, and can leave dried skin. And it could also affect them in a harsh weather conditions, cause their fur serves as a protective barrier. So its better to consult a vet to know more about your dog condition, information and suggestion about the bathing thing.

Dogs don't usually like getting wet, the first bathing experience could be very unpleasant and it could cause chasing fighting on the next time you need bathe them. Here are some simple steps on how to bathe a dog safely and effectively.

First you have to find a place. A dog bath tub is the easiest place to bathe your dog, its usually comes up with other tools that can help in the process. Consider having one, specifically if you a lot of dogs. Then prepare the supplies that you have to use such as shampoo, brush, towel and your wet suit. Be careful on choosing the right shampoo for your dog. Dog are like humans, they should have the right shampoo. Use a brush that is appropriate for your dog's hair type.

Before you start to wet your dog pamper them, so they can feel safe. Use the brush to pamper them and also remove any tangles or mats on their fur. Soak your dog from head to toe with warm water, cold water can easily shiver them. Soak them thorough to penetrate the hair coat. Then its time to apply the shampo, but first you have to read the directions on the bottle and follow them carefully in order to achieve the desired results. Start in the main body, stomach, legs, feet, and tail. Avoid the eyes, face, and genital area. Use enough shampoo to create a lather. Rub and massage your dog for several minutes using your hands and fingers.

Now carefully rinse the face and head first. Cover your dog's eyes with your hand and gently rinse off the top of the head and around the eyes. Then, gently cover your dog's nose and rinse off the rest of the face and neck. Then start rinsing the body all the way down. Make sure that you rinse out all of the suds and shampoo residue. Then you can stand back and let your dog have a few good shakes, just make sure they won't run away. Use the towels to damp dry your dog's coat to remove any excess water. If the weather is warm enough, you can just left your dog's coat to dry by air. And if the weather is cold, you should use a hair dryer. And thats it, your dog is now clean.


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