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Dogs Prone to Die On Airline Flights

The U.S. Department of Transportation warns people that travels by air with their dogs. According to them "Short-faced" dogs, like bulldogs and pugs are more prone to die during flight. Almost half of the 122 canines died while being transported by their owners as air cargo during the last five years, according to data the federal agency compiled. Most of the dogs that died were short-muzzled breeds.

The didn't say why short-faced dogs are not good on flight. But according Dan Bandy, chairman of the Bulldog Club of America's health committee: "A dog that has a long snout or a long muzzle has more surface area within its nasal cavity for that heat exchange to take place. So breeds like Labradors or collies or those types of dogs with the long muzzles have a more efficient cooling system."

Also according to the U.S. Humane Society said, one reason of death is because stressful experience for a dog while in flight. They are in crate, a small enclosed area. The noise and the unsettling experience. DOT advised people to check with their veterinarians about respiratory issues, genetic features and the overall medical condition of their animal before booking a trip.


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