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Sled-Dog company owner takes responsibility for slaughter

The owner of the Whistler Outdoor Adventures company that allegedly had 100 sled dogs slaughtered to cut costs after the Olympics speak for the first time following reports of the tragedy. Outdoor Adventures Joey Houssian has scheduled a number of media meetings Monday along with his lawyers.

Houssian wrote an editorial letter to the Vancouver Sun saying that he shared "people's sadness and disbelief" over the execution-style slaying of the animals during a two-day period last April. He also adds, “while the facts and legal responsibility for them is being investigated, I take moral responsibility for everything that happens within my company.” I, more than anyone, want to understand the truth about what happened and what was described.”

Although the dogs were killed in April 2010, the story only came to light after Robert Fawcett, the manager of Howling Dog Tours, recently applied for worker's compensation due to suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Based on a statement, Fawcett advised Joey Houssian, his boss, that about 50 dogs would be euthanized. The dogs to be euthanized were ‘too old’ or ‘sick’ and ‘not adoptable.’ These dogs live to ‘run’ and were not able to do so and would have had to be kept in cages with the result that they would have a very poor or virtually no quality of life.” Fawcett shot and knifed about 100 dogs — including many he had raised from pups. There was at least one accidental death when one of the dogs he had intended to keep was injured by a ricocheting bullet. He was then forced to fire a fatal shot. All together, Fawcett destroyed one-third of his herd of sled dogs and indicated in the compensation board documents that he had to euthanize them after a downturn in the tourism industry following the Winter Olympics in February 2010.

This gruesome cruelty receives worldwide reaction with an outpouring grief and anger over the deaths. The company even received threats and angry phone calls.

Mayor Melamed of Whistler has suspended the sale of Whistler Outdoor Adventures activities via and the Whistler Visitor Centre until further clarity around allegation.


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