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Cat Survives Arrow Shot

A 3-year-old cat named Max who lives in Live Oak, near Santa Cruz, California, has somehow survived being shot in the head with an arrow.

According to the owners, after missing for two days, Max walked in the front door with an arrow sticking out of his head. Max's owner, Brad and Nancy Paquin rushed him to a veterenary hospital at Santa Cruz Country Animal Services where an arrow-ectomy was performed.

The cat was shot with a 12-inch arrow that appeared to come from a crossbow. Xray showed that the arrow was lodged 5-8cm, entered the base of it' head. The arrow entered the side of his head, piercing his ear, and then exited the top miraculously not hitting the brain was removed by vets. After the surgery, Max is fine except for a pierced ear.

Authorities have yet to identify any suspects in the shooting, but an animal control officer is working full-time on the case. Meanwhile, Max is under "house arrest" and will likely spend the remainder of his 8 lives indoors.


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