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Dog survives 150 foot Cliff fall

A Bernese Mountain dog that raced off after a mountain goat in Washington's Olympic Mountains and fell 150 feet down a cliff survived for nearly three days until a volunteer mountain rescue team managed to find her.

The five-year-old dog called Sasha was with her owner Gwen Hall and Jim Krieger on the summit of 5,944 foot high Mount Ellinor when she saw the mountain goat. Sasha disappeared after chasing the mountain goat. Gwen and Jim searched for her for two hours but could not traced her. No barks, no whimpers, nothing.

Gwen and Jim try to ask help from USFS but were told that rescue does not get involved in non-human rescue. Good thing is that there is an organization like Olympic Mountain Rescue who helped find Sasha.

Six volunteers from the said organization offered to try to help. On friday, after five hours of searching, they found Sasha. She was motionless on a narrow shelf on the side of the cliff because of her leg injury. The rescuers lowered water and food, and Sasha drank a couple of liters of water. Then they began the process of lifting the injured dog in a litter attached to ropes from above.

Sasha is now recovering after having surgery to repair tendons in her right leg.


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