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Pet GPS Tracker

Qualcomm subsidiary called Snaptracs launched its new pet tracker, a lightweight tracking device called Tagg that attaches to a pet’s collar and helps pet owners track down their lost pets.

Snaptracs said that their product uses advanced global positioning systems technology to track the device, which is attached to the pet’s collar. If a pet goes out of a zone designated by its owner, they can be tracked either via a Web site or a mobile application. It send an alert via text messaging and e-mail to the pet’s owner. They can also locate their pets by using online mapping technology.

The Tagg Master Kit includes all hardware and one full year of service. It weighs about an ounce by itself, and about 1.5 ounces with a ring attached to connect to a pet's collar. Verizon's network is used for communication, and its battery power last about 30 days before it needs to be recharged.

Here is a video on how it works:



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