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Dog's death inspires Antifreeze Law

A Kansas 6th grader is honoring the memory of his dog by asking the Kansas Legislature to regulate antifreeze.

It has been less than three weeks when Aaron Coash' s dog named Nikko died after wandering from home and at some point drinking anti-freeze. Nikko is one of about 10,000 animals and 1,400 children who die each year from poisoning from anti-freeze which smells and tastes sweet.

Coash and the Humane Society of the United States wrote a bill that asked the state Legislature to require manufacturers to put a bittering agent into antifreeze. The chemical would make it less likely that anyone would accidentally drink antifreeze. In honor of his pup, Aaron calls it Nikko's law.

The bill was submitted Friday, and Coash is now waiting to hear back from state senators.


  1. KB said...

    I agree that antifreeze should not be allowed to taste sweet. There is a kind of antifreeze that is not poisonous, and that's the kind that we use.

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