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Dog Survives after swallowing rusty nails

A dog from Colorado has a taste for metal. A one-year-old Basset Hound named Sophie had to have emergency surgery after she swallowed 31 rusty roofing nails. Before the discovery, her owner noticed the dog wasn't acting like herself, so she took her to the veterinarian.

Sophie's owner, Carla Borck and her Veterinarian was shocked when the X-rays revealed all of the dangerous metallic objects Sophie had eaten. They found 31 nails, some house siding and her rabies tag. Borck and her husband said, the nails were from an old roof.

The bill from the veterinarian totaled $3,500. Vets said Sophie was lucky because she had no internal bleeding. Their vet also warns them that Sophie may try to eat metal again now that she's gotten a sizable taste of it.


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